Enjoy world-class facilities at Augusta National Golf Club!

Fruitlands is a 345-acre tract in the center of the western suburbs in Augusta. Ever since 1930, this has been the address of the Augusta National Golf Club. It is situated on Washington Road, the leading commercial district from downtown until Interstate Highway 20. The private and pristine environment inside the Augusta National Golf Club compliments its suburban theme. It is world-renowned facility that has the footprint of Alistair McKenzie and Robert Jones as its designer.

It was in 1854 when a plantation house was built by Irish horticulturalist Dennis Redmond; the structure is now used as a clubhouse. The design he opted for was spacious and has a 2-storey veranda with a hip roof and a cupola that's perfect for the hot summers typical in the area. Twenty concrete pillars surround the building. The construction of the structure was featured by Redmond in the Southern Cultivator, a publication that was popular at that time. In the feature, he highlighted the cooling and insulation effect of the building. Over the past years, the Augusta National Golf Club has undergone three renovations.

Magnolia Lane is among the most famous attractions here. It leads from Washington Road straight to the facility's clubhouse. The trees, which the seeds were sourced from Athens, Georgia, were planted by the Berkmans from 1858 to 1859. Their nursery imported over 40 azalea varieties ahead of 1861. They were the ones that popularized its ornamental use. Bobby Jones, a Georgian native, led the group that bought the nursery in 1930 to give birth to the club. From the start, it was intended to be exclusive to golf and not for recreation, unlike what other clubs offered. It became among the world's most exclusive golf club. The architect was Dr. Alistair McKenzie, who closely worked with Bobby Jones. Jones was first smitten with the place since he felt it was naturally intended to be a golf course. Its layout is often a basis for the construction of golf courses these days. US President Eisenhower regularly played here. The Eisenhower cottage was named in his and his wife's honor. The house is around 200 feet away from the clubhouse.

Since 1934, the Augusta National Golf Club annually hosted the Augusta National Invitational Tournament. It was broadcasted worldwide. The club asks the world's best players to participate in the tournament which is aptly titled the Masters Tournament. Winners are awarded with green jackets. The club is also a generous supporter of Augusta, giving a part of the annual tournament proceeds to them.