The Golfweek Magazine: For Weekly Golf Updates

No one can deny the fact that golf is one of the most enjoyed sports in most parts of the world and not just in Canada. This could be due to its competitive and relaxing nature. In fact, for people who like golf, they tend to enjoy it far more than any other activity. Some people are so addicted to the game that they cannot wait for a holiday season to play at their favourite course while others will browse through the internet to find out what is happening in the industry. It is for this reason that there are many magazines published for golf lovers these days. However, Golfweek magazine is one of the best magazines you can ever find. Every golf and casino enthusiast will be interested to find out that golf betting is also available for you to enjoy. is a site about a short magazine containing about 35-65 pages in every issue. It is published on weekly basis to ensure that golf lovers are up to date with the latest events in golf.

Features of Golfweek Magazine

The magazine uses colored bars on top of each section to help readers browse quickly to what interest them. It features the following:

Newsmakers section is always on the first page of every issue. It is made to update the reader on any latest breaking news. There is the competition section which covers any competitive event that is currently going on or scheduled to happen. The scoreboard section covers two to three pages showing standings and scores of college, juniors, and professional teams for any event that has already taken place.

Business: This section of the magazine covers any business related activity concerning golf. It could be new brands of golf ball, the impacts of weather or financial report of a specific company. It is two pages in length.

Voices part of the magazine is the area that outlines the letters to the editor sent by readers. There is another section which is 'Our opinion' the section is only a page. It contains reports about something debatable in the world of golf with the magazine's analysis towards the problem.

Perspective section covers different golf columnist. It gives them an opportunity to present their opinion about a place or topic in relation to golf. Additionally, advertisements in Golfweek magazine features golf related goods and services such as golf balls, clubs, courses, and clothing. Similar to the game of golf, poker is a game of strategy and planning. You have to have focus and a good attention span to succeed. If you love golf, but want to try something new, visit

Customer Support

The magazine offers professional customer support service that is accessible 24/7 throughout the year. Questions can be directed on either the magazine's website, their toll-free line 800-996-4653 or fax.