Laugh your heart out with Happy Gilmore!

Happy Gilmore is about the life of a violent sociopath. Since the story revolves around golf, it becomes a comedy. The movie stars Adam Sandler as the title role and is the latest comedy offering to hit the screens. Adam Sandler plays a kid who's a die-hard hockey fan and ambitions to be a hockey player one day. One time, he hit the puck very had he destroyed his dad's camera who was about to record a home video. Happy has poor skating skills and when he did not make it to the hockey team, he assaults the coach. He losses hope and when his dad died, his grandmother takes him under her care. A crisis then happens. His grandma's residence was seized by the IRS. Now he has to find a way to pay them $275,000 to reclaim the house. He accidentally discovers his talent for golf at one visit on a golf course. Here, he realizes that he can strike the ball for several hundred yards with an arrow-like precision. He is then trained by golf pro Chubbs. Yet he has a tendency to be pissed smack his club to the ground when he overlooks a shot.

Chubbs was forced to retire because his hand was bit off by an alligator. He is now using a wooden hand. Happy excels in long games; however, he sucks at short ones. When he joins the tournament, Shooter McGavin, the defending champion, becomes his mortal enemy. They face off for weeks in several golf-heavy scenes. At one tournament, Happy joins forces with Bob Barker.

Happy Gilmore is not your typical character. Everybody is supposed to like him because he loves his grandmother dearly and even makes a pretty lady fall for him. She is his PR manager and helps him manage his temper. But Adam Sandler's acting doesn't do it justice. He appears to be mad even when he shouldn't be and his violent attitude toward everything and everyone he dislikes is borderline annoying. The Happy Gilmore movie is littered with a lot of product endorsements it's like a sample TV commercial looking for a movie. The products that were showed include Pepsi, both diet and regular ones; Budweiser, Subway sandwich; Visa; AT&T and ESPN. Some were there by accident but others obviously paid to be exposed.