Nintendo's Mario Golf Has Multiple Courses - And One Under Water!

Mario has returned from the galaxies and from driving his fancy cars. The golf is back, but why did it take so long? The creators Camelot Software Planning, wanted to bring something new to the table, so they've bought new elements to Mario golf courses where these courses are full out like Bowsers castle, the Lakitu Cup and the Cheap Cheap Lagoon, where the player is actually playing under water, not where one usually wants to play golf!

Actual bubbles can be seen coming out of the characters' mouth and nose before the ball's hit, and water physics are completely different when playing on these Mario Golf courses. The ball is not going to roll as far as if the player was on the green, and with the water currents edging things off course, it also requires considerable mastery.

When starting out for the first time, one thinks there's only these 3 championship tours to go for, having to play all these 18 holes, then one checks back to the games main menu, only to realize there's all these other courses.

The player has touch screen for top spin, back spin and super top spin. Rather than have to do a button combination which can be a little trickier, one can touch the spot on the ball they want to hit, this is completely optional for the player who swears by the buttons as both methods work really well.

Checking out the main menu there's a total of 3 of the more kind of realist Castle club courses, those are the 18 hole courses. Maybe the mountain theme or the seaside theme will present a suitable challenge. However the mountain theme's no joke. Just as the player feels they're this really great golfer, they get there and end up getting totally destroyed!

Other courses include Peach Garden, Wiggler Park where there is a giant Wiggle Mario nemesis, hanging out over the course, there is also DK Jungle where one has to find different ways to blast through the course. How long is it goanna take to go through everything that is on offer one wonders? There just seems so much with this incredible Nintendo Mario Golf game!