We Will Make You Understand World Golf Ranking Systems

Many people wonder how golf player rankings are arrived at, well there is an official World Golf Ranking system. The system works by rating the performance of male golfers during professional worldwide tournaments. Many professional golfers view the number one spot as the ultimate price although making it to the top ten is also quite remarkable.

Rankings of these professional players are dependent on their performance during official events organized and held by significant golf tours for professionals around the world. These include the PGA tour, Japan Golf tour, European tour, Asian tour, Sunshine tour, PGA Australasia tour, nationwide tour and European challenge tour. All these contribute to the ratings and the rankings.

Developed in 1986, the official rankings system was originally one used by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews as an equitable way of selecting players to participate in the British Open. Today, rankings are issued on a weekly basis.

The system relies on a point system that allows players to earn points depending on the positions they finish in a tournament. The four major championships i.e. the PGA, British Open, U.S. Open and the Master Tournament award 100 points for first place, 60 points for second, 40 for third, all the way down to one and a half points for those completing the final round. Players championship winners get 80 points, European and PGA winners earn a minimum of 24 points, Australasia and Japanese tour winners earn 16 points. The rankings are then used to determine participants in the Ryder cup as well as the four major tournaments.

Rankings are based on a two year period. They indicate the player's average points per competition. They also show the player's total points divided by how many tournaments the points have been accumulated from. Greater attention is paid to performance over the last 13 weeks by deducting a fraction of points earned in weeks longer than the last 13 weeks. Therefore, player who won major competitions more than 13 weeks ago begin to diminish the value of that accomplishment in current rankings. This way, players cannot enjoy glory for championships won ages ago.