The Back Nine

The Back Nine

Rival Gaming's Hole in Won remains among the more popular slots in casinos due to its golf-themed gameplay. That alone will drive enthusiasts looking for a downtime, while also engaging in their favorite sport.

Hole in Won is part of the iSlots series of Rival Gaming. Those in the industry know how critically acclaimed this series of games is after garnering several awards. The developer, of course, has over 200 titles of casino games to its name so the studio knows what it's doing.

If you haven't played on the slot before, there's an introductory video which is easy to follow even after watching it once. Basically, there are five reels and 15 paylines (a departure from Rival's usual 20 paylines in its other titles), which would be good for a few hours of playing.

Worthy Sequel

As if it's not enough, Rival Gaming actually released a sequel called Hole in Won: The Back Nine.

Now, if you've played the first title, you will notice that Rival Gaming just continues the theme for the sequel. The icons relate to golf such as the driver, a hole, a golf bag, a putter, ball in the hole and "The Back 9" logo. Plus, you now have a sexy lady golfer for good measure.

the back nine onlineYou are still playing through five reels across 15 play lines, with the sun overhead and the lush green on the expanse. Of course, others note that the lesser number of play lines means lesser chances of winning. But if you've played Hole in Won before, you know that it's more about interactive gameplay rather than the jackpots.

Differences Between Gaming Hole and the Back Nine

For one, there's no progressive jackpots in the game, while if you happen to win the jackpot, it doesn't really compare to most slots out there.

The one knock on the first Hole in Won was that it didn't offer much in terms of incentives. The Back Nine, in contrast, has some bonus features that players can enjoy.

To access the bonus, you have to land the golfer scatter symbols on the reels three times or more. This one depends a lot on skill and planning so you can play the nine holes in sequence. Think like the mini-golf in its obstacle course, rather than playing on the 18-hole green. Look for the coach with the red cap who will trigger the bonus.

To guarantee a healthy payout, you may have to get the three center reels wild simultaneously. However, because this is still Hole in Won, don't expect any multipliers on the wilds. Nevertheless, those who played the game won't really notice because of the potential winnings of the wilds.

Through the cursor, you need to gauge the force and direction of the ball to put it in the hold with the least possible swings. It's a lot like golf, really. The next hole comes when you receive the bonus. Just remember, that you wait to aim for the hole in one because that will yield the biggest prizes.


You can adjust the size of the coin through the +/- sign. You need to make sure that the denomination would be enough for the bankroll. Then you determine the active pay lines you want to play. You can then bet using your coins on each of the line. The number of coins doesn't have to be equally distributed. Remember also that you can only bet 5 coins on the 15 lines, that's the maximum wager unfortunately.

Then you spin.

Unlike the first game, you can find wild flags in The Back Nine on reels 2, 3 and 4. They swell into the entire reel so cash will be added into your bankroll. Again, there's the bonus round which will also allow you to win even more prizes.

What you really want to see is the jackpot symbol. This comes in the form of a golden trophy, which as an equivalent of 750 coins. Continue here and claim the best no deposit free spins offers from Platinum Play Casino and play exciting golf-themed casino games for free.

The Verdict

You can't really say anything about the graphics for this slot. Suffice to say, it does its job. If you are after interactive gameplay, then this game is for you. Not everybody will appreciate the golf-theme, however, so they will steer of The Back Nine especially when the incentive (jackpot, etc.) is not worth the effort. Nevertheless, for fans of the game this sequel of Rival Gaming's Hole in Won is worth a second look. Also, this game requires some practice in order to win more prizes. The objective, after all, is to get to the hole with the minimum number of swings.

Some people may be disappointed when they first play the game, but once they really get into the thick of things, and once they spin the reels a few times, they will start to understand what's the fuss is all about. Indeed, this game can be addictive so kudos to the Rival team.

So better make sure to check them out.