Tin Cup is one of the best golf movies ever!

Tin Cup stars Kevin Costner and Rene Russo. Roy Tin Cup McAvoy is a former professional golf player who's currently residing at Winnebago and manages a driving range in a far-flung area. He is trapped in his careless single lifestyle and is hiding from the Internal Revenue Service. This caused him to miss out on all the past opportunities that came his way. One day, a lady by the name of Molly Griswold came at his range asking for golf lessons. She's a psychologist trapped in a dysfunctional relationship and has problems somewhat similar to that of Roy's. Molly can always tell if people aren't honest to themselves but she fails to detect when the people aren't truthful to her. She refuses Roy's efforts to convince her to break up with her boyfriend David Simms, who's a PGA superstar and Roy's mortal enemy.

Roy really has no idea about women and how to understand them and at first he seems to be going nowhere with his seduction with Molly, while she makes him lose his focus in the game. He desperately tries all things possible so he can have his swing back. As he thinks of ways to please Molly, she inspires him to take steps to regain his self-respect. With this, he chose to try to be eligible at the US Open, making his dear friend Romeo Posar his caddy. He learns about life's meaning as he journeys to reach his goal and he puts his skills into order.

The movie is brilliantly created and witty at the same time. Tin Cup is a remarkable and entertaining Costner romantic comedy that has lots of great vibe. The plot can be predictable at times but it all works out to a totally surprising climax and ultimately a nonconventional Hollywood conclusion where Roy doesn't receive everything he wants. The strong lineup of cast work great together, yet it would have been wonderful if there was better chemistry between the lead stars. But the conflict between Roy and Molly is creative and wonderful and the stars appear to be genuinely enjoying working with each other. The golf scenes are very technical throughout the entire duration of the film and are even taken to a higher level by the presence of authentic professional golfers and commentators, backing Costner's character that known for making realistic films with sports themes.